Cargo Glide vs Bedslide vs Cargo Ease: An In-Depth Comparison of the Best Slides Available Today

Below we’ll compare three of the best truck bed slides you can buy today, including models from Cargo Glide, Bedslide, and our own Cargo Ease line of products.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Materials
  • Warranty
  • Ease of installation
  • Product selection
  • And pricing, using two specific models as examples.

But first, here’s a quick overview of how the three companies compare at a high level:

A Quick Overview Of the Three Companies

In order from most heavy-duty to most consumer-focused, you have:

Cargo Ease: Commercial Grade Products, Now Available to the Public

Compared to Cargo Glide and Bedslide, we’re a smaller, family-run business, though we’ve been around for more than a decade and have worked with companies like NASA, Air Canada, and the United States Secret Service.

In the last year we’ve expanded quite a bit, especially online, and have sold to customers all over North America. All our products are built using many of the same components we use for our business clients, which means all of our products are heavy-duty, built to last, and backed by a five-year warranty.

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Cargo Glide: Full-Extension and High-Capacity Slides Built Tough

Cargo Glide has a great reputation as a manufacturer of high quality slides. Their highest-end products won’t hold quite as much weight as the comparable Cargo-Ease slides, and their warranty is 3 years instead of 5, but they have higher capacities and more selection than Bedslide.

Bedslide: Highly Configurable Products With a Lifetime Warranty

Compared to Cargo Ease and Cargo Glide, Bedslide is a bit more consumer-focused with lower weight capacities, lighter materials, and a greater emphasis on configurability.

Their slide models can be equipped with small bins, dividers, and shelves, for example.

Materials and Build Quality

Of these three companies, Cargo Glide and our Cargo Ease products have the most similar construction. Both are made of high quality, powde-coated steel frames plus coated plywood. One of the main differences between the two is in the coating used for the plywood deck:

At Cargo Ease we coat our platforms with Polyethylene ⁠— the same material used for speed bumps that have to stand up to years of friction and wear on busy roads.

This gives your bed toughness to stand up to years of hard work, including sliding tools in and out of your bed, piling up construction materials, or loading up the truck for a family weekend.

Cargo Glide uses an “industrial coating” for their platforms, which is listed in some product handouts as TPO Rubber ⁠— a material often used on commercial flat roofs. This material is still pretty dang tough and will stand up to weather, but likely won’t hold up to friction and wear quite as well as polyethylene.

Bedslide’s products use metal frames and a proprietary “Weatherdeck” deck (no plywood is used). We’re not quite sure how the Weatherdeck composite will hold up to friction, though we know the Bedslide team and they put in a ton of work into developing a quality product.

It’s worth noting that in third-party testing, Bedslide’s products failed under heavy loads more quickly than Cargo Glide’s (Cargo Ease wasn’t included in the testing), even though products from both companies held up to their max rated capacities.


Also pay attention to the number of bearings (typically “cam follower bearings” or just “bearings”) as well as the total rated load for those bearings when you’re looking at different models.

A higher number of bearings helps spread the load more evenly throughout the bed, which is better on the frames, while higher capacities help the bearings stand up to prolonged use.

For example, most of our slide models use bearings that support up to a 74,000N (16,635 lbs) static load, even if the max capacity of the slide is “only” 1000-3000lbs. This helps the bearings operate smoothly and quietly instead of creaking and wobbling at the very limit.

The exact number of bearings used varies from model to model, but Cargo Glide and Cargo Ease typically go head-to-head in this category while Bedslide typically uses less or relies on guide-style rollers rather than using heavy-duty, Cam Follower bearings.


At first glance, it seems like Bedslide is the winner in this category with their limited lifetime warranty, but the competition gets a little closer when you dive into the details….

Specifically, Bedslide’s lifetime warranty only covers parts ⁠— meaning: they’ll send you parts and you can fix the product yourself. Labor or total replacement are only covered for one year.

Cargo Ease and CargoGlide may have shorter warranties overall, but they both offer complete coverage for a longer time.

Cargo Glide’s warranty lasts 3 years for their frames and bearings, and one year for their deck and deck coating.

Our warranty at Cargo Ease lasts 5 years for all parts of our products.

Of course, there’s fine print behind even the best of these warranties. Cargo Glide, for instance, specifically outlines that a bent steel frame is typically a sign of overloading the slide, and is often not covered. And all of the above warranty claims are subject to case-by-case evaluation to make sure your wear is consistent with the product’s intended usage. 

Overall Bedslide might have a slight advantage in the warranty department with lifetime coverage if you’re not hard on your slide. If you use your truck for work though, there’s probably a better chance you won’t have to submit a warranty claim in the first place if you purchase a Cargo Ease product. 

Note: All of the warranty terms above are based on the assumption that the buyer registers their product immediately after purchase. The duration will change for products that aren’t registered.

Ease of Installation

Bedslide and CargoGlide have a similar installation process ⁠— you:

  • Put the slide in your truck
  • Make sure the slide is straight and spaced correctly
  • Mark four locations for holes (or six, depending on the model)
  • Take the slide out
  • Drill the holes in the bed of your truck (being careful to avoid the gas tank)
  • Insert anchors into holes
  • Put the slide back in your truck
  • Tighten bolts into anchors

(Aluminum bed Fords will require an additional installation kit that’s sold separately, though the steps are very similar)

Here’s a quick video explaining how to install the Bedslide 1000CL, for example:

You can watch the Cargo Glide process on their website.

Bedslide also has optional no-drill kits you can purchase for an additional cost for select models to make the process easier (the kits typically run about $350).

We’d argue that Cargo Ease slides are significantly easier to install than either of these slides due to our patented “L” Hook kit. All you have to do is:
  • Place the slide in your truck bed
  • Position and center the slide in your bed
  • Drill two holes into your front bed wall using a standard ⅝” drill bit
  • Insert the L-bolt and tighten two nuts on each bolt

That’s it. Notice that you:

  • Just put the slide in once and you’re done. No moving the slide in and out while you measure and drill
  • Can install the slide without worrying if you’ll hit your gas tank because you’re drilling into the wall of your truck, not the bed
  • Only have to drill two holes instead of four or six
  • Can install in aluminum bed Fords without an additional installation kit

And once you install the slide, you’re set for years to come. We’ve worked with hundreds of fleet trucks and never have complaints of loose slides.

Check out the full installation process in this short, 1-minute video:

Product Selection/Variety

Overall, Bedslide offers relatively vanilla slide models, while Cargo Glide and Cargo Ease offer a wider variety of low-profile truck bed slides, full-extension truck bed slides, and other specialty slides and lockers.

Bedslide Product Selection/Variety

Of the three, Bedslide has the least variety with only four models, though they do offer bins, dividers, and other storage accessories:


All four of their standard models have about 75% extension and rise about 4.5” from the truck bed.

Cargo Glide and Cargo Ease Product Selection/Variety

Here’s a quick table displaying the differences between the CargoGlide and CargoEase product lines:

Cargo Glide product selection table

A few important details to note on the above:

    • Cargo Ease and Cargo Glide offer a full line of slides in standard weights including 1000lbs, 1200lbs, and 1500lbs, but they differ a bit at the top of their product range. Specifically, Cargo Glide offers 1800lb, and 2200lb models, while we offer 2000lbs, 2500lbs, and 3000lbs models in our Cargo Ease line.

    • Cargo Ease has the lowest-profile slide available anywhere, at 3.5”, while Cargo Glide has options with a slightly higher profile height (3.875”).

  • Cargo Ease offers a full line of lockers if you need drawers, while Cargo Glide does not. However, Cargo Glide is compatible with DECKED drawer systems, meaning you can install a Cargo Glide slide on top of a DECKED system without modification

Overall, all three companies offer no-frills options, so if you’re looking for a standard 1000lbs to 2000lbs capacity model, your choice should likely come down to the build quality and materials used as mentioned earlier in this article.


Before we jump into pricing, let’s recap the main points from above so the prices have some context:

Bedslide offers a great warranty and lots of storage configurability, though their slides aren’t built quite to the same standards of the other two companies.
Cargo Glide offers greater product selection and typically better build quality, but not nearly as much configurability in terms of added bins and dividers. Plus, they only offer a max 3-year warranty.
Cargo Ease offers a wide product selection from slides to lockers, and all of them are built a tougher than the competition, offer easier installation, and a better 5-year warranty.


With these points in mind, pricing is where everything gets interesting. We’ll go over why in just a second, but first let’s look at example pricing for from all three companies. Let’s take a mid-weight, 1500lbs standard slide for example.

Here’s what the pricing looks like:

1500LB Standard Slide Pricing Comparison

  • Cargo Glide CG1500: $1996.48
  • Bedslide 1500 Contractor: $1916.00*
  • Cargo Ease Commercial Truck Slide 1500LBS: $1667.00

*Note: The Bedslide 1500 Contractor model ranges in price from $1540 to $1728. For this example, we looked at the price for an average, used, mid-range pickup: a 2013 Chevy Silverado with a 6.6’ bed.

Quite frankly, our pricing is much lower than the competitors. 

In fact, in this scenario, you'd save $300 by buying a Cargo Ease product.  

If you’re set on purchasing a Cargo Glide or Bedslide product though, price shouldn’t be too much of a factor. The decision will basically come down to what product fits your specific needs ⁠— do you need a tough product or something more configurable and lightweight? But more on that in a second...

Let’s look at pricing for a more specialized product: a 1500lbs Full-Extension Slide.

Bedslide doesn’t offer a full-extension model, so we’ll leave them out of this comparison, which leaves us with two models:

Full Extension Slide Pricing Comparison

  • Cargo Glide CG1500XL: $3595.81
  • Cargo Ease 1500LB Full Extension: $2604.00

Again, our Cargo Ease products are significantly more affordable. In this case, you’d save more than $950 by going with Cargo Ease.


Cargo Ease: Value That’s Tough to Beat

Here’s the thing: We have a ton of respect for the other two companies on this list.

  • Bedslide offers light-weight products and a ton of configuration options that you can build out over time.
  • Cargo Glide offers great build quality and a wide variety of specialized models to choose from.

But at the end of the day, our Cargo Ease products offers unmatched build quality and an amazing warranty at an unbeatable price. You don’t find a better value for your dollar anywhere else.

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