Cargo Ease is a family-run business located in the rural town of Hagersville, Ontario. Originally, we built these slides and lockers for ourselves, and then saw the demand when buddies would see them and say, “where’d you get that?” Cargo Ease was born.

We value craftsmanship, hard work and loyalty. As long as we’re running the business, we’ll be manufacturing our products in Canada for sale across North America.  

We’ve been building our industry leading Cargo Ease Slides and Cargo Ease Lockers for 15 years. Proudly serving the truck, and now SUV, owning community. We take pride in building quality products that have the best warranty in the industry, five years.

Not only do truck owners like yourself purchase and recommend our products, but so do some of the hardest working people on the planet. NASA, The RCMP, The United States Secret Service, US Border Patrol, fire departments, hydro companies and just about every trade use Cargo Ease slides and lockers to make work-life just a little easier.

We’ve won awards and have toured our slides and lockers all over North America. We’re not saying that to brag, but we are proud. We’re saying it so you know you’re purchasing a quality upgrade for your truck or SUV.

If you’re considering buying a Cargo Ease Slide and/or a Cargo Ease Locker, thank you. We’re grateful and excited to have you as part of the family.

Truck With Ease.

Team Cargo Ease.