Five Benefits of Truck Slides

So, just what are the benefits of truck slides? With our wide selection of truck slides at Cargo Ease there are a ton of benefits, but we thought we'd focus on these FIVE handy insights into why we started making truck bed slides to satisfy our customer’s needs. If you can think of more, submit em' send us a hello at


Need a hand? Not anymore! Our truck slides provide easy access to your gear, without requiring you to lift up your tonneau cover, or climb into your bed.

Tired of dragging gear to the tailgate, or overextending to reach gear in your truck bed? Yeah, us too... Truck slides (especially full-extension truck bed slides) allow for convenient loading/unloading of your gear, while reducing potential back problems that can result from loading/unloading your truck the old fashioned way. We like old fashioneds though... the drink that is.


Cargo Ease truck slides are a useful protective liner for your bed, maybe increasing the longevity of your truck bed and helping to maximize the resale value of your truck.

Heavy duty work requires heavy duty protection. With the widest selection of truck bed slides you can find, and the best weight capacities on the market, we’ve got you covered.


That's right, truck slides are definitely an eye catcher! We know you didn't expressly buy your truck for people to stare at it, but loading at Home Depot will garner some jealous stares with one of these babies. Your back won’t be the only thing appreciating your investment in a truck slide.

Pro tip: A low-profile truck bed slide will pump up the cool factor while letting you keep maximum space in your truck bed. 


Coming in at number four on our five benefits of truck slides list is, improved safety! How many times have you fallen, or almost fallen, while trying to load or unload gear in your truck? Maybe you just pulled a muscle reaching too far? If the answer is more than zero, it's too many times!

With a truck slide, you can reduce the risk of falls AND enjoy the other benefits that we have mentioned in this list. They're a win-win.


Last, but not least, the Cargo Ease Ramp Slide makes it a breeze to get your big kid toys (atvs, etc.) in and out of your truck bed for convenient transportation to your favourite destinations. No more losing your loose slides, or having them kick-out on you as you ride up them.

Don’t let the hassle of loading/unloading your toys stop you from enjoying that getaway.

To recap, the Five Benefits of Truck Slides are: Ease of access to gear, Added protection to your truck bed, Eye catching appeal, Improved safety, and Great for transporting your big kid toys. Thanks for reading, and check back soon for the Benefits of Lockers piece we'll eventually write. 

Until then, Truck with Ease™, friends.