G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier
G2000 Harrier

G2000 Harrier

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For Box trucks, Service/Utility bodies and Trailers - Call us to talk to one of our Sales Professionals about your requirements

Upgrade your transportation game with the Gentili Ladder Rack G2000 Harrier! Made from high-quality materials, this sleek and modern ladder rack securely transports your equipment to any job site. Easy to install and use, it's the ultimate solution for contractors and professionals who demand durability and safety. Don't settle for less – get the Gentili Ladder Rack G2000 Harrier today and make your job easier!

The G2000 Harrier offers a fully assisted ladder mounting and deploying system with an easy glide, single person operation.

Loading and unloading of ladders is easier and more risk-free than ever with the G2000 Harrier, making the operators work easier and protecting them from the risk of accidents.

Harrier is specifically designed and manufactured ready to utilize the factory roof mounting points for most applications.

These units are heavy-duty and suitable for any ladder using adjustable retainers.

 Built To Last:

  • Main structural components made from anodized aluminum making it lightweight (110lbs for heaviest model)
  • 2 - independent locking latches when stowed for peace of mind while driving
    Retaining loop made of hard wearing rubber to avoid abrasion
  • Adjustable, impact resistant retainers to contain any lateral movement while in motion
  • Precision engineered hydraulic system
  • Weather resistant, long lasting and minimal maintenance

Safety Features:

  • Operators feet never leave the ground
    No tire climbing: Reduced safety issueErgonomic design
  • Requires less than 20 lbs of pressure: Easier on body using proper body mechanics to load/unload
  • Deploys from the back rather than the side minimizing traffic hazards loading/unloading for roadside work.
  • Easy - Glide System - Allows for single person operation. making loading and unloading easier than ever.
  • TUV crash tested to a 20G force on the vehicle shell. “When we say it’s safe, we mean it.”

Standard Specs:

  • Fits every van/commercial vehicle
  • Weight capacity: 132 lb
  • Single configuration
  • Safe, strong, low profile
  • Reduced wind noise & fuel consumption
  • One of the safest, most advanced systems of this type on the market
  • Can be fitted onto any lightweight commercial vehicle on the market
  • Can accomodate most ladders up to 28 ft
  • Deploys in under 30 seconds
  • Installs using factory roof mounts on most vans: no drilling necessary

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