25 Best Truck Bed Slide Outs for Everyone ⁠from Contractors to Homeowners

After more than a decade in the slide industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about truck bed slides. And today we’re going to share everything we know about the industry with you. 

Below, we’ll review the 8 main slide brands on the market today and touch on a few noteworthy products from each. 

You’ll learn: 

  • About all the major slide companies on the market
  • Which models from each company are unique or noteworthy
  • How the slide brands and models compare to one another
  • Which brands are the best value
  • Which product is best for your situation

We’ll start by reviewing four brands that build ready-made slides, then move on to a handful of custom slide companies. 

Let’s jump in:

Cargo Ease Slides

Cargo Ease truck bed slide outs

We’ve built slides for NASA, Air Canada, and the United States Secret Service, and use the same commercial-grade components in all our slides. That means you get the same components in your truck that NASA and Secret Service SWAT teams use every day. 

For example: 

Most slide decks are made of some sort of TPU material, which is commonly used in 3D printing or phone cases. 

But TPU isn’t tough enough for Cargo Ease decks. 

Instead, we make ours from polyethylene, which is the same material used to build speed bumps in heavy-wear areas. We're talking heavy-duty speed bumps that have to stand up to years of friction and traffic. 

Like those speed bumps, your truck bed will see constant traffic from daily use. It doesn't matter if you're loading up: 

  • Toolboxes 
  • Heavy equipment 
  • Pallets  
  • Bags of concrete or other materials
  • ATVs or motorcycles
  • Camping gear
  • Or anything else

Your Cargo Ease slide will hold up through it all. 

Another example is our bearings: 

We build our consumer-focused products with the same bearings that all our commercial customers use. Picture Air Canada maintenance crews hauling aircraft maintenance tools back and forth. Their crews have heavy tools that have to be lifted in and out of their service vehicles many times a day. 

Cargo Ease slides are built to handle the challenge. 

Finally, we back every Cargo Ease product with a full-service five-year warranty. 

You won’t find a tougher slide or better value anywhere in the industry. 

Note: We’re a bit of an exception in this category because we offer BOTH pre-fabricated and custom slides. You'll learn more about our custom options below. 

Cargo Ease Commercial and Titan Slides

Our commercial and titan slides offer more value for the dollar than competing brands. Here's why:

Most 1500lb capacity slides cost about $2000 (feel free to check against Bedslide or Cargo Glide models listed below). For the same price, you can buy a 2000lb Cargo Ease slide and get 500 more pounds of carrying capacity. Plus, you'd get higher-end build quality and materials.


The Commercial slide comes in two weight capacities: 2000lbs and 1800lbs.  

Cargo Ease Commercial Truck Slide 1500lbs

Cargo Ease Commercial Truck Slide 2000lbs


And if you want to step up the weight capacity even more, check out our Titan series slides: 

Cargo Ease Titan Truck Slide 2500lbs

Cargo Ease Titan Truck Slide 3000lbs

Cargo Ease Full-Extension Slides

Cargo Ease 100% extension slides offer tough construction, and extend all the way out of your bed (instead of 60-75% extension like standard slides). 

If you keep gear in the front of your truck bed near the cabin, the 100% extension slide will help you reach everything no problem. 

Cargo Ease Full-Extension slides come in three weight capacities: 

Cargo Ease Full Extension Truck Slide 1000lbs

Cargo Ease Full Extension Truck Slide 1500lbs

Cargo Ease Full Extension Truck Slide 2000lbs

Cargo Ease Low-Profile Slides

If you want THE lowest profile truck bed slides on the market, then our Cargo Ease low-profile slide is the best fit for you. 

Most slides rise 4-5 inches or more from the bed of your truck, which slightly reduces the available height in your bed. This can cause problems if you: 

  • Use a topper and want to carry tall items
  • Want to use the full capacity of your truck bed, down to the last cubic inch

A low-profile slide helps solve that problem by cutting down on the height of the slide. 

For example, our OPA (Our Pullout Aluminum) slide only rises about 3.5” inches from your truck bed ⁠— an inch less than a standard 4-5” rise on most slides.  

Cargo Ease OPA Low Profile Truck Slide 1000lbs



Overall, Cargo Ease slides offer: 

  • Tougher construction 
  • Higher weight capacities
  • A better warranty
  • Lower prices 

And overall a much better VALUE compared to other slide companies on the market. 

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Cargo Glide Slides

Cargo Glide truck slide

Cargo Glide also builds tough, heavy-duty slides. They’re built for daily work, and comparisons online show that they hold up even beyond their stated weight capacities. 

We’d argue that our materials at Cargo Ease are the toughest on the market, but Cargo Glide gets closer than most other competitors. For example, Cargo Glide coats their decks with the TPU rubber material we mentioned above, which is tough in its own right. 

Generally, Cargo Glide slides are more expensive than Cargo Ease and offer a bit shorter warranty, though they remain a solid value overall. 


Cargo Glide Heavy Duty Slides 

Cargo Glide’s Heavy Duty models are recommended because they’re solid and built to last. They’re made with high-quality steel and coated plywood and typically offer 65-75% extension. 

Cargo Glide CG1800HD 

Cargo Glide CG2200HD

Cargo Glide Full Extension Slides

Cargo Glide’s full extension slides carry over the same build quality and capacities but add a full 100% extension. They come in three models, with weight capacities of 1000lbs, 1500lbs, and 2200lbs: 

Cargo Glide CG1000XL 

Cargo Glide CG1500XL

Cargo Glide CG2200XL


Bedslide Slides

Bedslide truck slideBedslide’s products are a bit more consumer-focused compared to Cargo Ease and Cargo Glide. 

For example, in one online comparison, the Bedslide 1000 Classic buckled almost immediately once the maximum-rated capacity was reached, while the Cargo Glide 1000lb model held up to 1950lbs. 

However, most non-contractors who just lug light tools around or work on home-improvement jobs will appreciate Bedslides’ lower price point, optional side shelves and other extras, and a solid warranty. 

If you’re going to buy a Bedslide product, we recommend sticking with the more inexpensive options, such as the 1000 classic or 1000S. If you’re going to shell out a few more bucks on a higher-end, higher-capacity model, choose Cargo Ease so you get the best build quality available. 

Bedslide Warranty

Bedslide offers a lifetime warranty on parts and a 30-day warranty against product defects or workmanship. Compared to Bedslide, Cargo Glide and Cargo Ease stand behind their workmanship for the entire warranty period but have shorter warranties overall. 

Bedslide 1000 Slides: 

Bedslide 1000 Classic 

Bedslide 1000 S (this model is almost identical to the 1000 Classic but lacks Guardrails on the sides, so is a bit cheaper). 

NOTE: Learn more about how Bedslide, Cargo Ease, and Cargo Glide compare in our detailed head-to-head comparison. 

Cargo Glide vs Bedslide vs Cargo Ease: An In-Depth Comparison of The Best Slides Available Today

Jotto Slides

Jotto truck slide

Jotto started as an office furniture company making tough industrial desks for corporate offices. From desks, they pivoted to car laptop mounts like you’d see in a police cruiser, and eventually expanded to offer slides as well. Their primary logo even says “Jotto Desk” as a nod to their origins. 

Their products are generally relatively inexpensive and are made from 100% anodized aluminum, which provides solid durability. However, their products don’t come with flooring standard ⁠— just a few aluminum support beams across the bottom of the slide ⁠— so you have to supply plywood or purchase aluminum plank flooring at an additional cost.

Also note that all of their slides have a deep lip around the entire slide, so you can never slide tools or materials on or off. You always have to lift items an extra couple of inches over the lip to put them in your truck. 

Sill, if you don’t mind using your own flooring or working around the raised lip, you can purchase a Jotto slide for a few less dollars than even a Bedslide product.  

Jotto Warranty

Third-party retailers say Jotto offers a 5-year warranty (Example 1, Example 2), but the terms are a bit unclear. 

Jotto Light Duty Slide:

Jotto Light Duty Truck Bed Slide


Why 99% of People Should Purchase from Cargo Ease, Cargo Glide, or Bedslide

The rest of this article will give you an overview of custom bed slide manufacturers. 

However, in our experience, most customers would be better off purchasing a product from one of the above companies rather than going custom. Custom slides typically cost more and offer limited additional functionality that isn’t worth the extra cost for most people.

For example, Extendo Bed (which we’ll cover in a second) offers unique slide shapes and 110% extension slide models. For some customers, the extra space and extension these slides offer will make sense. But even contractors may not consistently use that extra functionality, let alone homeowners or overlanders. 

Of course, going custom offers some benefits ⁠— including special slide shapes, added functionality, and one-of-a-kind designs. But we’ve created thousands of custom slides, and in our experience, most people simply don’t need those extras. 

With that said, here are a few of the best custom slide manufacturers: 


Cargo Ease Custom Slides

Cargo ease custom truck slide

Note that we also offer custom and fleet slides and lockers and can create anything you dream up. We’ve worked on everything from custom fleet solutions to smaller one-off projects that feature wood paneling, drawers, and a sleeping platform in a custom Ford Transit Camper Van.

Fill out the form on this page to learn more.  


Extendobed Slides

Extendobed truck slide

As mentioned above, Extendo Bed offers unique slide shapes and drawer-slide combinations, and up to 110% extension on each slide. They also advertise that the load on their slides does NOT have to be evenly distributed. 

For example, if you purchased a 3000lb capacity slide from Extendobed, you could theoretically load all 3000 pounds on less than half the slide. On a Cargo Ease slide, you’d have to spread that load around the entire slide, and could only load 1500lbs on one half of the slide. 

But even heavy machinery will typically distribute the weight throughout your bed, and even if you filled up half your bed with bags of concrete, you’d be hard-pressed to add more than 1500lbs.

So again, this is a situation where you just need to examine your specific needs carefully. Do need to haul multiple thousands of pounds of equipment in your truck without distributing it evenly through the truck? 

If yes, then Extendobed would be a great choice. 

Extendobed Warranty: 

Extendobed offers a solid 20 year warranty, but you only get full coverage for the first year. After that, only materials are covered, not workmanship. A faulty weld in year two, for example, wouldn’t be covered. 

Compared to Extendobed, Cargo Glide and Cargo Ease warranties are shorter overall, but offer full coverage for a longer period. 

Noteworthy Extendobed models: 

Extendobed HD Slideout: Offers a 3000lb capacity with 110% extension.

Extendobed T-Platform: Offers a unique t-shaped platform that maximizes available slide area.


Slidemaster Slides

Slidemaster truck slide

Slidemaster offers solid slides with a wide array of customizable options, including: 

  • Deck surface materials 
  • Custom powder coating
  • Exact custom dimensions 
  • Models with electric drives so you don’t have to pull the slide out manually

Slidemaster’s products have a solid reputation and offer quite a bit of customization. And compared to other custom options on this list, it’s easier to get a sense of what a product will cost. You just navigate to a product page, enter your preferred options, and get an instant estimate. 

Slidemaster Warranty: 

Slidemaster offers a lifetime warranty on all slides, though the decking is only covered for a year, and finish coatings aren’t covered at all. 

Noteworthy Slidemaster Products: 

Slidemaster M3-HD+-E Electric Slide: Comes with an electric motor and holds up to 2500 lbs

Slidemaster AH3: 1200lb capacity with 100% extension. Reasonable $998 starting price, though it gets expensive once you add a deck. 


Highway Products Slides

Highway products truck slide

Highway Products leans heavily on their all-metal construction in their advertising. That’s a solid value-add over lower-end composite or wood-only decks especially, though our polyethylene-coated decks will offer similar toughness for most people 

You’ll also have to buy a mat or plywood to place on top of the aluminum deck if you don’t want your materials to slide around. 

Highway Products Warranty:

Highway Products offers a solid lifetime warranty. There doesn’t appear to be any fine-print or workmanship limitations to that warranty, which is great news for customers. Of course, repairs and replacement won’t cover normal wear and tear, but their warranty offers plenty of room for you to call and negotiate for a repair. 

Noteworthy Highway Products Models:

Highway Products XT2000: Comparable to many ready-built options, but likely more expensive, (though it comes with a great warranty). 

Highway Products XT4000: The XT4000’s 4000lb capacity is among the best on the market. 


Decked Drawer Systems: Not Slides, but Worth a Look

Decked doesn’t manufacture slides, but their drawer system fills a similar need for many people ⁠— making it easier to access your gear. Decked offers one standard drawer system plus a new toolbox product. All of their products are made from heavy-duty composite plastic and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Shop Decked Drawer Systems


Cargo Ease Lockers: Worth Considering If you Want Upgraded Organization

Cargo Ease lockers will be more durable than Decked drawer systems and offer similar organization options. Cargo Ease lockers are built with the same high-end components and materials we use for our slides. 

Shop Cargo-Ease Lockers


How To Pick Which Slide to Buy:

Let’s do a quick recap. Above, we covered every widely-available slide brand on the market. In the pre-built category, you have: 

  • Cargo Ease
  • Cargo Glide 
  • Bedslide 
  • Jotto 

With our Cargo Ease slides slotting in as the toughest slides and best value, and the Bedslide offering a cheaper, more entry-level product. 

If you need something custom, your options include: 

  • Cargo Ease Custom
  • Extendobed
  • Slidemaster
  • Highway Products

If you’re still not sure which slide to buy, here are a few more ideas to consider as you’re shopping around:

What Kind of Slide Should you Buy?

For most people, a pre-built slide in the 1500lb to 3000lb capacity range will be the sweet spot. If you mostly use your truck on the evenings and weekends, a 1500lb model will work just fine to carry materials for your home projects with ease without breaking the bank. 

If you’re a contractor or use your truck regularly as part of your 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6, or 7 to 7) job, it’s likely worth splurging on a higher capacity 2000lb+ model that will hold up to heavy daily wear and the occasional load of heavy equipment. 

Either way, Cargo Ease offers unbeatable value and helps your hard-earned dollar go further. No matter what Cargo Ease model you buy, you’ll get commercial-grade toughness and build quality, a solid warranty, and unbeatable prices. 

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